Malin Head Youth Club

Members of Malin Head Youth ClubMalin Head Youth Club meets every Friday night from 8pm until 11pm in Malin Head Community Centre. Our youth club is open to all young people from 5th class in National school up until 5th year in secondary school.
We offer a wide variety of games and activities for our members each week. We encourage team events such as football and basketball however members can also fend for themselves in solo games and sports such as pool and table-tennis.

The youth club aims to provide its members with many trips during the year. This varies from monthly trips to the cinema or bowling and off course the end of year trip which often means a day spent ice-skating in Belfast or water sports in Gartan where the members can really engage with the great outdoors while they canoe and kayak across the lake.

Our youth club works closely with the Donegal Youth Service and regularly attends competitions organised by the DYS. We encourage all our members to take part in these events including team quiz and sports. For those who fancy themselves in the West-end, there is also the opportunity to take to the stage every year in the Youth Factor, this gives the more creative members a chance to show off their musical, singing, dancing and drama skills. We are very proud to say that we have been successful at these competitions on many occasions and progressed to the All-Ireland Finals. Not only do we have National finalists among our talented group, we can also point out a few winners too!

We also look out for our members by providing them with skills such as fire safety and basic hygiene courses while also providing information on cyber bullying for both the members and their parents. We also provide a cooking for college course for our older members.

A team at Malin Head youth ClubIreland’s most northerly youth club which was established in 1968 is a safe and fun space for all its members. Friendship groups are expanded and the younger members often look at the older teenagers as role models. There is a great relationship between the members and the committee. The atmosphere in the building is always vibrant (and loud!) and it’s not unusual to discover a heated debate on the football field with the poor referee!!
The youth club is organised and run each week by a permanent committee, however the parents of the children are asked to help out a few nights each year.

We have to say that without the parents and their dedication to the club, it would be very difficult to make it as successful as it is.

Malin Head youth club is a recognised fixture in the community and is highly regarded by both parents, members and indeed the wider community and we would like to thank them for their continued support throughout the years.