Paint Giveaway Competition Entry

Paint Reuse Network

The Malin Head Community Association have a number of projects they wish to apply for to improve the quality of decor in, and the general condition of, the Community Centre.

  1. New External Community Wall Mural
  2. New Internal Mural, Backdrop to stage area
  3.  General Redecoration throughout.

New External Community Mural

The new external community mural would be designed and completed by the youth-club and would replace the existing mural which is now in a bad state and has become a bit of an eyesore (See images Below).



New Internal Mural / Stage Backdrop

The new backdrop would be designed by competition and completed by our local art group. it would replace the existing (see photos below)

General Redecoration

The Centre is in need of general redecoration throughout (see photos below)